Stop the dating cycle and finally get a commitment

Are you or someone you know struggling with dating, finding men who seem to be “the one” and then disappoint you within a few weeks or months? Maybe you have been blindly opening your heart and believing that the other person feels the same way. Maybe you just don’t know what to look for, what to expect and what to walk away from.

Your Love Location Map


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Untying The Knot

Many marriages start with high hopes, passion and dreams of a fulfilling life together. But so many people are unprepared emotionally and financially for the struggles, frustrations and disappointments that inevitably follow when the honeymoon period ends. Continue reading

One Moment in Time

One Moment in Time

Birds on OceanHave you ever experienced a precious moment, or series of moments, when you felt pure and sweet love for another person – a moment captured in your memory but gone from sight forever?  Several years ago I wrote a poignant poem about a love of years gone by, someone who filled my heart with joy and helped me to live in the moment.  When we were together there was no past and no future, only the present moment. His face lit up when I came into view and I could sit quietly in his presence, just waiting and feeling totally content. Continue reading

Marriage and Divorce Stats Around the World

Although the focus and intention of my life’s work is to remind people every day about the power of love, intention, communication, forgiveness, and all the good stuff that helps people to fall in love and creating lasting loving relationships.  But life often interferes and factors, often beyond our control, may cause our relationship to be fraught with tension, anger, hostility, even rage.  Some cultures more easily allow dissatisfied couples to split up.  This infographic shows Marriage and Divorce statistics, but it does not reveal the level of intimacy, loving interactions and joy of those who do remain married or of those who remain single and choose not to marry.  Continue reading

Gratitudes for 2013 and Manifesting Intentions for 2014

Read to the bottom of this blog post for a list of questions to ask yourself about your accomplishments, successes and gratitudes for 2013 and your manifesting intentions for 2014.

Are you dreaming big enough?

Relationship Healing Mastermind2013 was not a year of huge accomplishments.  In 2012 I had written hundreds of articles, a novel and had received some special accolades for my accomplishments.  But in 2013, my work was more behind the scenes.  I attended Number One Book System and Author 101 University Events and I spoke at You Can Succeed and Superstar Summit on the same stage as Les Brown. At these and many other events I connected with accomplished and aspiring authors, editors, publishers, publicists, speakers, best-selling authors, marketers and celebrities.  It was a year for hunkering down and learning the ropes of the way the world works and the miracle of proper marketing.  And this is the year that I created my new web site, as a central hub to showcase and promote my speaking events, books and seminars. Continue reading