Are YOU Single, Recently Separated, Divorced or Widowed?


Then You are NOT ALONE!


There are more potential dates available than you probably realize.

Here are some government stats from 2012, the most recent I could locate:

103 million unmarried people in America 18 and older

  •  54.6% of these people were women and 46.4% were men
  • 62% of these unmarried people over 18 had never been married
  • 24% of these people were divorced
  • 14% were widowed

56 million households were maintained by unmarried men and women

33 million men and women lived alone


If You Are Newly Single, Wanting to Date But Not Sure Where to Go and How to Begin

If You Have Been Single for Awhile and Tired of  the Local Singles Scene….

I have written a simple little e book designed with YOU in mind.


  • I did some research online and in person.
  • I interviewed couples to find out where and how they had first met.
  • I asked groups of singles where they go to meet potential dates.
  • During my daily activities I uncovered some of the easiest ways to meet men and women that we don’t tend to think about.


Meeting New and Available Singles is Easy


If you know where to go

And you know what to do


Once you meet that new and exciting person, the magic begins. And that’s where I come in.  With decades of experience teaching, researching, studying and counseling men and women of all ages and nationalities, I have a comprehensive perspective that just may help you to create the loving relationship you have been seeking.

Get your FREE EBook Now.  This just may be the resource you’ve been looking for.  And then check your emails or come back to my blog to get access to the FREE follow up books that will help you know what to do after you meet “the one” if you want to keep the magic happening.

FREE EBOOK - 104 Places to Meet the Love of Your Life

Please tell me and the readers how YOU met the love of YOUR life or how you met any of the men or women you have dated.
Suggestions of new and different places to meet are most welcome and your comment may be the catalyst for budding love.

Just LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW and share YOUR meeting experiences.