Time Does Not Heal

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Do you believe that if you focus on just 9 areas of your life you can actually  heal all of your relationships?  Does that seem too good to be true? Is that really possible?  Not only is it possible, it is the Only way to truly heal your relationships.

Remember the saying “Time heals all wounds”?  The truth is, time heals wounds that have been scraped and cleaned, with old debris and diseased tissue removed.  If some of the unhealthy tissue remains as the wound closes over, the disease process smolders and continues beneath the surface.  Our capacity for love and ability to create truly loving relationships is not that different.

As I often say, the solution to all relationship problems is simple.  However, the process is not easy.  It does require effort.  It does take time.  It also takes focused attention in the right way.  And it requires letting go of what no longer serves you.

Creating loving relationships IS totally possible for every one of us.  What differentiates those who do and those who don’t is actually the very same qualities or skills needed to create success in any area of life.

Successful relationship creators do what others won’t do in order to eventually have what others won’t have!

Are YOU ready to become a successful relationship creator? Discover the 9 areas of focus for relationship healing and get started NOW.

To your relationship success.


Dr. Erica

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