Are You ReadyTo Take
A Healing Journey Within?

A Healing Journey

This is a step by step exploration into the depths of your own consciousness.There are many paths, many steps, many guides you can follow and many directions you can take.

Ask you ask yourself the right questions, the important questions, the questions you may have been avoiding, you will begin to remove layer after layer of old thoughts, others people’s thoughts, and thoughts that no longer serve you.

Discover what you need to be able to create and allow healing to happen in your life.  Love is the essential element that allows healing to occur.  If you feel love for others and loved by others and your heart is open, you cannot help but receive what is offered.  When you allow love into your life and allow your heart to be filled with love, abundance seems to surround you in everything you do.

But life tends to throw us some curve balls, some daggers, some ongoing painful events and situations.  For some of us the pain begins at a very young age.  Others are spared the pain in our early years, but be forewarned: When you feel pain, you know you are alive.  My neighbor, Charley, recently died suddenly.  He was in a car accident and had a heart attack.  Nobody knows which happened first.  The end result is that he is no longer feeling any pain.  He is no longer alive.

Once you accept that life is not all romance, adventure, excitement and easy living, you can begin the process of eliminating potential sources of pain and attracting more and more and more of potential sources of joy.  However, even with the most positive attitude, the most open energetic body-mind-spirit that you could possibly create, you cannot completely eliminate pain while you are alive.  Even if your thoughts are pure and above reproach, you are affected by the thoughts and actions of everyone around you, both near and far.

We are all sensory beings.  Your senses respond to the world around you.  Every second you are bombarded by sensual stimuli and you respond in some way.   Of course, you cannot possibly respond to every single fragment of stimulation, so your powerful mind-body-spirit uses its own unique filtration system.  Each of us responds to certain stimuli and filters out many others.  Which stimuli you respond to and which ones you naturally filter out determines your destiny.

Start taking small and deliberate steps into your own consciousness.  You will naturally increase and expand your ability to respond to different stimuli.  As you allow new stimuli to enter your system, the pathways in your brain will adjust to accomodate the new input and allow you to integrate these sensations into new cognitive (thought) patterns.  Your new thoughts will help you create a bigger and larger perspective of your own life. As your thoughts expand, you can more easilyt understand, appreciate and develop empathy with others whose thought patterns and lifestyles differ greatly from your own.

You will naturally become more aware, more accepting, more inclusive, and more understanding of yourself and others. The world around you will appear to reach out to you in unexpected and delightful ways.  If you continue on this path toward healing your consciousness and creating more and more love in your life, the law of attraction (which is always operating) seems to bring to you whatever it is that you need and desire now.

If something I have said here strikes a cord with you, if you are truly ready to follow a path toward creating healing and love now, then you have come to the right place.

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My Goal Is To Help You Create Healing And Love In Your World. 

Your willingness to participate adds one more person to be filling the world with healing and love.  Let’s work together now to tip the balance and open the hearts of those who haven’t yet discovered the power of the love emanating from within.  Let each of us be a light shining on those around us, helping them to open their hearts to love.

With heartfelt love and appreciation for the powerful being that you are.

Dr. Erica

19 thoughts on “Are You ReadyTo Take
A Healing Journey Within?

  1. Dear Erica,

    I love it! It looks great and it’s well written. Your picture is ethereal but as we discussed,the body language is not quite right for your on line presence. Let them see your heart and that you’re open to communicating and growing with your audience. Face them and so that you don’t appear to be going off in a direction away from your viewers. It’s a subconscious message but it’s worth noting. I can help you with a new photo if need be.

    I also know something that might interest you. I studied with a writer and for more personal writing that reads easily, you might want to use more conjunctions such as you’re instead of you are, it’s instead of it is, you’ll instead of you will and so on. It’s casual and informal and a little easier to read. The words flow just a bit better with conjunctions – unless of course you need to emphasis a word. That you would decided to do on a case by case basis with certain words when you write. I think that you understand what I mean.

    I love it and keep up the great work!



  2. The vibration of love is the vibration of abundance. The healing journey is a journey of transformation. Most of our suffering stem from feelings of separation from the fullness of who we are due to ignorance of our true nature. The path into our heart center is worth facing every bit of fear and challenges life daily throws at us. Indeed the landscape of our life seen through the heart has quite a different texture than when seen through the reasoning mind!

  3. Hi Erica,

    Your post reminds me of something my dad said to me when I was in my 20s. I was expressing something unpleasant that I had experienced. He patiently listened and then he said “I don’t know what your mother and I did to you to make you believe that life was supposed to be fun all the time.” As you stated, we need to accept the fact that life is not all romance, adventure, excitement and easy living. And would you believe that I still wrestle with that a bit!

    • Rachel,
      I have had enough good and not so good experiences to finally realize that there is a natural ebb and flow of energy in life. There are good times, emotionally upsetting times, painful experiences, accidents, hurts, and lots of love and fun when we keep appreciating what we do have. And yet we all really want to just always feel good. The key is to feel joyful about being alive, even when our circumstances are not so great at the moment.
      Dr. Erica

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