Do you love your life?

David Attenborough – Wonderful World - BBC

David Attenborough – Wonderful World - BBC


Life is beautiful.  Life is wonderful.  Life is amazing. Life is a wonder.  Life is what you believe it is.  Is YOUR life magnificent?

Love is all around.  Love exists for every living being.  Love is everywhere.  Love emanates from within you.  Do YOU love life?

Health is our natural state of being.  Healing is possible in every moment.  Our capacity for healing is infinite.  Are YOU healing and healthy now?

Are you bothered by the storms of life?  Do you let natural occurrences get you down?  Are you afraid to let yourself be free?

ANSWER THIS QUESTION FIRST:  Who am I now, in this moment?



“I AM ….”

If you are not struck by the wondrous awe of being alive, as YOU, in this body, in these circumstances, at this time, NOW, then please contact me for a quick boost of inspiration and love.  Maybe all you need is someone to listen, understand and help you to see your own magnificence.

Do you know how magnificent you are?  Please share your own greatness in a comment below.  Or schedule a healing session at


Dr. Erica