Learn about Dr. Erica’s approach to healing and relationships.

My goal as a Spiritual Relationship Healing Expert, Licensed Mental Health an Marriage Counselor, Sex Therapist and Relationship Coach  is to help you to quickly, easily and skillfully resolve your most pressing life issues.  With sensitivity and clarity, I encourage you to recognize and acknowledge your own individual strengths, limitations, and available resources so that you are no longer facing your problems all alone.  The format and content of our counseling sessions together are designed specifically to help you to create what you want in your life.

Our lives and relationships are a work of art in progress.  Whether we realize it or not, each of us is the creative force in our own life.  What we believe, what we expect, and the way we perceive our environment and the people in it, affects how we feel and how others respond to us.  When the world appears to meet our expectations, we may feel good about our self and feel temporarily content with our life.

It is often easy to feel powerful, successful, and happy when  the world is meeting our expectations.  But we cannot control everything that happens around us.  When our world does not seem to be cooperating with our needs, desires and demands, that is the point when our emotional strength and mental clarity can be tested.

Although you may usually be quite competent to handle issues in your life as they arise, at some crucial times you may discover that your resources have become overextended and your clarity of thought and emotional well-being has become compromised.  At these stressful moments and turning points in your life, consulting with a qualified and experienced psychotherapist, counselor, relationship therapist, marriage counselor or sex therapist can have a huge impact on resolving your current life difficulties.

My training has included multiple counseling, psychotherapy, sex therapy, and body therapy modalities with an emphasis on the mind-body-spirit connection and how this affects our living in the real world with the real people in our environment. We affect and are affected by every person with whom we relate – at work, at home, in our spiritual communities and even when pursuing leisure activities. The more we understand about our own style of communication, emotional makeup, and physiological responses, the more easily we can adapt to and alter situations for the benefit of all.

Whether you are concerned about your emotional ups and downs, your physical well being, the intimacy in your relationships or the way you are responding to the people around you, my unique psychotherapy/counseling method of mind-body awareness and cognitive behavioral change can help you to overcome even the most devastating or heartbreaking life events.

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