Fly Toward Your Dreams Together

Are you always pushing forward toward your dreams – ALONE?

If You Dream Of Love

If You Dream Of Life Success

My Question For You

Have you been trying to do it all alone, either not reaching out for help or turning in the wrong direction for guidance and support?

Family and friends can provide incredible support. Your intimate partner and your children can be your greatest blessing. Those who love you can lift you up when you’re down or inspire you with their wisdom, love and success.  But if you are relying upon your friends and family for support, they may be the first naysayers you encounter when your goals and dreams don’t match theirs.

“Don’t you find it odd … that when you’re a kid, everyone, all the world, encourages you to follow your dreams. But when you’re older, somehow they act offended if you even try.”
Ethan Hawke, The Hottest State

  • Have you been struggling in your relationships, often disappointed and hurt, basically feeling unloved, unacknowledged or unappreciated?
  • Are you struggling in your business or career, feeling overworked and less productive than you’d like, frequently distracted from your goal?
  • Do you feel as if it is impossible for you to live the life and enjoy the love of your dreams?

Learn From The Flying Patterns Of The Geese

Please enjoy this brief movie about the power of pulling together as a team. Pulling together is essential for ALL relationships – family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and most of all, with our most intimate partners.

Love is not enough unless you are pulling together as a team and helping each other fly in the direction of your dreams.


The geese provide a natural model for success.  None of them ventures out all alone expecting to reach their far away, unseen destination.  Geese know how to cooperate, share the responsibility, and encourage each other to keep moving forward.  The leaders feel the sounds of encouragement and the movement of wind provided by the followers.
The followers support the path of the leader and when the leader gets tired, one of the followers steps up to keep the momentum going.  They work as a team, rely on each other, support each other and help the entire flock to reach their destination.

  • Are you attempting to do it all alone?
  • Do you believe that YOU have to have all the qualities within yourself, all the strength, all the drive, all the love, all the desire?
  • Do you allow others to assist you or teach you or —- love you?

I have discovered that when I allow others into my life, into my sphere of influence, into my projects — yes, for awhile I may have to slow down, change direction and not see the results I want. But other people add so much richness.  They can view my situation with different eyes and provide a new approach I had not considered or even realized was possible. Sometimes they motivate me when I feel like giving up or they become a role model for me to follow.

Leaders, role models for others to emulate,
create communities bringing like-minded people together for the purpose of mutual benefit
through cooperation, collaboration and support.

PAC – Power Affiliate Club – (originally conceived and created by Lesly Federici and Monna Ellithorpe). My long-time internet friend and blogging colleague, Lesly Federici has continued the tradition begun in other blogging tribes.  As the fearless leader, she  has proven to be like a fierce warrior, refusing to let anything stop her from helping this community grow and expand.  She is constantly creating new ideas, new activities, and new ways to keep this community engaged at high level.  We share our blogs,  leavce valuable comments on each other’s blogs, we purchase each other’s affiliate products, promote each other on our social sites and collaborate in mutual opportunities.

WPN – Women’s Prosperity Network – co-created by 3 powerful sisters – Nancy Matthews, Trish Carr and Susan Wierner.  Starting as a small community in South Florida, they continue to expand their reach to other parts of Florida and many other states including Puerto Rico.  Not only do they provide a networking opportunity for women, and men, to meet and collaborate with other entrepreneurs, but they offer courses about creating, building and sustaining your business and about becoming a sought after speaker.

I would be honored to be an important part of your success team.


Please share your thoughts and insights in the comment section below.


Dr. Erica
Love Mentor and Relationship Healer

10 thoughts on “Fly Toward Your Dreams Together

  1. Wonderful video. I’ve always been pretty stubborn about my independence, but last year I found myself in a real bind and it was my niece who urged me to reach out for help. When I finally did I was stunned at the overwhelming response and level of support, even from people I didn’t know. It was an incredible experience and one of my most important life lessons. I’m not familiar with WPN, but I am happy to concur with you about the value of PAC. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Marquita,
      Good for you, finally reaching out for help. I am also very comfortable handling everything myself and then it is such a relief to get support, just because I asked for it. You also learn a lot about people’s motives and character when you actually ask for help.
      Dr. Erica

  2. Hi Erica,

    I remember seeing those “Lessons of the Geese” written down many years ago when I joined my first networking business and I thought it was lovely then, but it’s even more wonderful in that video.

    Although that was the theory in MLM / networking at the time, it wasn’t really practised much because there was too much cross-line rivalry. But these days many MLM businesses have a global company profit pool so that it really is in every-one’s interest to help each other so boost the whole company turnover.

    Revert back to “relying upon your friends and family for support” in your business – only one person in my family (my son) is anything other than pretty negative about my business. It’s with the best of intentions and they want to protect me, but they just don’t understand why I am doing this on top of my offline businesses.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    • Joy,
      So many people have reacted negatively to my spending so much time at the computer and doing a lot of work that does not bring in immediate financial gain. MLM and any type of internet marketing are not quick, get rich schemes. They take time and effort and real connection with real people = and lots of continual persistence. It’s not easy but it can be exponentially profitable.
      Good for you for hanging in there in spite of people trying to discourage you (because they don’t understand what it takes to succeed – and that it IS possible!).
      Dr. Erica

  3. hi Erica ,
    I like the video ,it is beautiful 🙂
    We need to learn from nature.
    Your post reminds me of this quote : ‘A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.’-John Lennon
    Being in good company and with makes a big difference in life.
    “Funny how your quality of life improves dramatically when you surround yourself with good intelligent kind-hearted positive loving people.” Anonymous
    PAC is one of this groups who has people like this.
    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    • Thank you Erika,
      I have so often attempted to do it all by myself, whatever I am attempting to do.
      And yet, when I get other like-minded people involved, sometimes seeming miracles happen.
      Like a conference that a group of us put on inside of a larger conference.
      We had all submitted papers to present and were rejected. When we realized it had happened
      to several of us, we actually created a mini-conference inside the bigger conference
      and got 40 attendees, lots of attention, and ALL of us had papers accepted the following year!
      Dr. Erica

  4. Hi Dr. Erica,
    You post is amazing.
    I couldn’t agree more with you about creating support system around oneself. There is a great feeling that comes with having people to assist us when in a difficult situation. Naturally I am the independent type, but from suggestion , I must make deliberate effort to create my own community of supporters.
    I can also resonate with the fact that when were kids, everyone wanted us to follow our dream, but when we grow old, they would do everything to discourage us if the path we choose is the road less traveled.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Erica,

    What great lessons from geese. When we are pursuing our dreams, having others ‘flying’ with us makes the journey easier. Having others supporting us gives the energy and synergy we need to move forward.

    Like you, I have found that other people enrich my life and business and I definitely need them to motivate me when things become challenging.

    There is power in numbers.

    • Rachel,
      Yes, you have often written about coaching and business building – and you often suggest the importance of teamwork and collaboration and support. All of these are essential for building a business and also for keeping our mindset and emotions balanced and focused.
      Dr. Erica

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