How much patience is enough in professional and personal relationships?

PATIENCE is a Virtue

With Enough Patience
We can Achieve Our Goals and Live Our Dreams



  Ask Yourself These Questions

  To Decide For Yourself If

  Lack of Patience Is Controlling You

  • Do I have the PATIENCE to allow my relationships to develop and change over time?
  • Do I have the fortitude to persevere when my relationship struggles seem insurmountable?
  • Can I tolerate and endure circumstances and interactions that are unloving and even hostile on the way to building  long-lasting and fulfilling relationships?
  • Do I have the unflappable, unswerving stamina to persist until the end, to not give up and to not give in to impatience?


If your goal is to improve the health of your body, it may take quite a while before you are finally eating healthy food, exercising regularly, getting adequate rest and sleep and maintaining a positive outlook. The key is to be patient with yourself and with well-meaning friends and family who sometimes sabotage your efforts to change into healthy eating habits.  If your goals is to  build a successful business, you may take many false steps that seem to set you back and cause you to start all over.  With patience and a student/learning attitude you can learn from each setback and eventually reach your desired goals.  And if your goal is to find and develop new relationships or to improve and even transform your current relationships, having patience will help you to see more clearly what is happening and make the most appropriate choices in each moment.


If You Decide You DO Have Patience
And You ARE Willing to Persist Against All Odds


Then You Must Ask Yourself Another Very Important Question


At What Point Does Being Patient Become Unhealthy

A Detriment to Your Own Health, Success and Well-being? 


How long does your patience need to last?  When is it that enough is enough and you need to move on?  How many times must you forgive and overlook actions and behaviors of others that disturb your equilibrium?  At what point are you sabotaging your own efforts to succeed in life by tolerating situations and emotional upsets that could be avoided?


There is not one answer that fits all people and all situations. Sometimes, patience over the long haul leads to an awakening at a much later point in time that could not have been predicted early on. And sometimes, many years later, your patience wears thin and you finally decide to break off a relationship that has not changed for months or years or even decades.


How Do YOU Decide When
YOUR Patience has Reached Its Limit
And Enough is Enough?


Please share your thoughts and experience in the comments below.










Dr. Erica Goodstone

19 thoughts on “How much patience is enough in professional and personal relationships?

  1. Hi Dr. Erica,

    I can truthfully say I do have patience in my relationship and in my business.

    But…If there is a toxic person in my path, I have learned how to set up boundaries because I don’t have the patience for that!


    • Donna,

      I have also developed a much greater amount of patience for people who are serious and want to share or learn something. And at the same time I have seem to have much less patience for people who are just complaining and not willing to make the effort to improve their circumstancs.

      Dr. Erica

  2. It’s always a fine line to walk, Dr. Erica, between being patient and becoming a doormat.

    In any relationship, you must have patience or the communication will crumble. If you just allow detrimental things to fester endlessly, though, without making any attempts to deter or diminish them, you are destroying the relationship insofar as you’ve stopped working on it. Indiscriminate acceptance is not patience, it’s disengagement.

    Thanks for encouraging us to reflect on this important aspect of relationships, Dr. Erica.

    • David,

      Patience does not imply laissez-faire acceptance. Rather, patience involves expressing your needs and desires, allowing your partner to express his or hers, and then giving yourself and your partner enough time to possibly make the changes. Each of us learns and responds in our own unique ways. Having patience requires allowing the other person to respond in their own way and maybe not even make the changes you requested. That brings you back to communication and once again more patience.


      Dr. Erica

  3. Hahahha 🙂 Sorry Admin but I couldn’t stop my self to lough on this Topic, How much patience is enough in professional and personal relationships. Dear Relationships isn’t mean patience ! Relationships never depends on patience ! If some one it’s able of you than just leave that person & go ahead in life but don’t be much patience for it.

    • Monika,
      Have you ever heard of love? We cannot choose who brings forth those feelings of love. Sometimes it is a person who is very different from what we think we want and they behave in ways that confuse and upset us. But often, the closer we get and the more time we spend together, the difficulties between us are exactly what helps us to grow and learn and become a more compassionate and well-rounded person. When we just leave for what we think is something better, we may be giving up something really worthwhile that needed patience to develop into more than we saw at first.

      Dr. Erica

  4. In any endeavor, one must have patience, and practice it daily, if you want your endeavor to succeed, be that a relationship, a career or job opportunity or a business or charity project. You have to patiently take the steps needed to make it happen but also realize it still may not be exactly what you expect. Best to hope for, but not expect, things to go your way and have patience.

    • Lydia,
      You are very wise. In business and in relationships we have dreams and goals and expectations. All we can do is take steps toward achieving our goals but we cannot control the outcome. We can only control our responses and reactions to outcomes and keep focused on moving toward our goals.

      Dr. Erica

  5. I am the epitome of the patient human in both personal and professional relationships. Yet what I have learned over time is the importance of keeping open communication and trust while remaining patient. In that way expectations, hopes, dreams, desires for a specific outcome are always clear and movement towards or away from those things will be easier to measure over time when they have been communicated. Thank you for this post.

    • Tracy,

      Patience is a virtue if we are clear and communicate our needs. If we are just patient, expecting the other to do the right thing and we do not express ourself clearly, we can wait a very long time without desired results. Seems as if you have a clear understanding and have the willingness to wait which is so necessary for success in life.


      Dr. Erica

    • Dr. Diana,

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Patience is definitely a virtue. Most things in life that we really want require some sort of effort, time and persistence before we actually attain what we are seeking.


      Dr. Erica

    • Dr. Elise,

      You have certainly touched on an important topic. Some of us seem to have much more patience
      with the flaws and frailties of others but expect so much more of ourselves than is possible.
      Love and respect for self is so powerful. That prevents those feelings of resentment
      that creep in when we don’t say and do what we know is right for us.


      Dr. Erica

  6. Patience.. not always my strong suit, thanks for the reminder Dr. Erica

    Unfortunately it can lead to frequent changes of direction. Fortunately in my love relationship I married a patient man one who just lets me come to my senses so we can carry on.

    Now I definitely need to learn more about disciplining myself in my work relationships.

    To the Top


    • Mary,

      Patience is not easy in our businesses. We see signs of success and want what we want – right now. But we need to set goals, take consistent steps toward achieving our goals and trust that with enough focus we will succeed.


      Dr. Erica

  7. Hmmm I re read this and today all I seem to be getting is messages about staying on the same path for a while, being committed, having patience.

    OKOK Universe I get it. I’m not designed to be a bounding ball I’m e designed to be a go getter.

    Mastering Ecom is my newest but longest term gig

    To the top

    PS Love is all there is

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