Let Go and Let Love

Love, a simple 4 letter word, has the power to dissolve problems, dissipate conflict and deliver happiness and joy.  Do you know what it would be like for you to “let go and let love”?  My colleague and friend, John Gaydon, used those words in a comment about my previous blog post.  I kept repeating those words to let them sink into my subconscious.

I love my body

My Ankle is Lovingly Protected

It was Thursday morning, a warm sunny day in January 2012.   I was playing my favorite sport, tennis, after a 9 month hiatus due to injuries.  And then, in a second, the tennis was over.  I stepped on a stray tennis ball (from the other court on which the pro was teaching a group clinic).  Totally out of control, I saw my left ankle bend completely sideways and then I heard a LOUD crack.  Nobody else heard the crack and when I sat down and removed my sneaker and sock, my foot looked okay.  It was not swollen and nothing appeared out of the ordinary.  My friend actually suggested I just walk it off and continue playing.

But I love my body too much to take a chance like that.  Luckily I had an ace bandage with me to wrap around the injured ankle.  A tennis pro saw me and found a frozen bag of peas for me to use as an ice bag temporarily.  I was able to drive so I chose to drive to my health club, sit in the jacuzzi, sauna and steam, stay calm, shower, and then call the doctor.  Luckily, he was available and I drove to his office, one hour away from my home.  The x rays revealed 2 torn ligaments and the best treatment was to put my left leg in a cast.  I chose the color purple which made me smile.  In fact, I continued smiling all the way home.

I chose to look at all the ways in which luck prevailed.  I was lucky that I was able to drive.  I was lucky that I could relax and shower at the health club.  I was lucky the doctor was available and could examine my ankle.  I was lucky to have a cast that would protect my ankle and enable it to heal naturally.  I was lucky that a few friends called and sounded truly concerned.  And I was lucky that I could attend a powerful event, You Can Succeed, the following.

Love prevailed.  I love my life.  I love my body.  What made me most happy is that an injury occurred but it was handled swiftly and in the most appropriate manner to insure speedy recovery.

  • Are YOU happy and in love with your life, your health, your finances and your relationships?
  • Are you holding on to something or someone familiar when you know you desire something else?
  • What would it be like for you to follow your passion no matter what?
  • Would you be able to let go of your present comforts and let love lead the way for you?

So I know I cannot play tennis for at least 6 weeks.  Yet I know that tennis will be there when my ankle heals and I believe it will be even stronger than before because I will be putting concentrated effort into exercising it properly.  And now I can focus more fully on launching my Complete Relationship System which is scheduled to launch in just a few short weeks.

Please listen to a very special interview I had with David Riklan, founder of the very popular community site SelfGrowth.com about what is included in my Complete Relationship System.

Remember to let go and let love.

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22 thoughts on “Let Go and Let Love

  1. Wow, cringed just reading about your injury! I suffered a similar one when I was chasing my puppy (who happened to have one of a $150 pair of shoes in her mouth – already partially chewed) through the house. She ran thru the kitchen and down the steps into the garage – I ended up skipping one of the steps and landed on the concrete and heard a similar crunch sound having broke my foot. I’m laying on the ground moaning in pain and puppy walks up – drops the shoe and licks my face. Ah, remember it like it was yesterday! Heal fast 🙂

    • Marquita,

      Thanks for sharing your story. The good thing is that it didn’t hurt and the bone is not broken and I got to the doctor quickly without injuring it further. So I feel grateful and I now have some additional time to focus on my upcoming Complete Relationships System launch.


      Dr. Erica

    • Thanks for your positive thoughts. I am realizing that when I am in a positive state, as I have been lately, even temporary adversity does not affect my emotional state. My total focus in upon the upcoming launch of My Complete Relationship System.


      Dr. Erica

  2. Dr. Erica, what a great example of Love healing a very difficult situation. It’s not always easy to choose love, even in the midst of difficult circumstances. Sometimes love must be tough: tough enough to grow instead of wallow in self pity. Other times, love must be gentle and forgiving: especially when we feel like beating ourselves up. When we choose to love we are definitely the better for it. Congratulations on your Complete Relationship System! I hope you reap some great results from your hard work!

  3. I must admit, that at first I cringed at the sound of that injury, but healing our body is a good example of healing our inner selves. Life is meant to be joyous. Fortunately I learned that lesson long ago. I am grateful each morning when I wake that I have a wonderful healthy family, Awesome husband an three dogs that make my heart throb. I am also grateful for doing what I love to do. I never take it for granted. But, there are times when something inside gets weary and that’s when I go for a fine tuning with either my therapist or woman’s group that I’m in. Thank you for this wonderful message,
    To your health and speedy recovery,

    • Donna,

      I have learned the value and necessity of being grateful for what I have. When I have my full health I don’t always take the time to appreciate it. I have so much to be grateful for, especially having free time to connect with my online friends like yourself.


      Dr. Erica

  4. Eek! Not fun. However, it is good that you are thinking positively. I know a lot of people that play the blame game and just get pissy about getting injured. However, that is life… even with the bumps, strains, sprains, and bruises.

    I am sending healing vibes/ positive thoughts your way!

    • Thanks Nile,

      I held a door open for a lady at the post office today and she felt really special when she saw that I had this cast on my leg. It made me realize how easy it is to use an illness or injury as a way to get sympathy, to do less than you’re capable of, to get others to do things for you. Instead, the focus needs to be on healing and gratitude for what is working well in your life.

      Attitude is so important.


      Dr. Erica

  5. Erica,

    What a fantastic example of letting go and letting love. Some might have seen this incident as an issue to fuss about and be miserable. You handled it with the calm of a “wise” person. There is a great lesson here for us all. Thanks ever so much for sharing your experience.

    In case I dont’ see you, put my initials on your cast for me… in purple!


  6. Hi Dr. Erica,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your injury. Keeping the “it could have been worse” attitude is so important, but maintaining a positive attitude throughout the ordeal is better!

    I broke my angle a few years ago, but I am proud to say I kept an upbeat attitude all the way through and it really helped the healing processes. I didn’t use it as an excuse for pity. I learned so much about being in a situation of not being capable to do certain things for awhile. For example, I was on crutches for a while and sometimes I had to ride those automatic carts at the grocery store. That experience in itself gave me a completely different perspective about people who have to use them as a part of their lifestyle. Now when I see someone who has to do their grocery shopping with a cart, my heart goes out to them because I understand what they have to deal with. A positive, passionate outcome!

    Great article on Let Go and Let Love!

    Raena Lynn

    • Raena,

      Thanks for your supportive words. Having part of my life online with my internet friends like you has made a huge difference for me. I have not focused much on the injury. It feels like a bit of an inconvenience and yet I keep feeling so grateful for all the things that are going well in my life and the imminent launch of my Complete Relationship System “caffeine” product.


      Dr. Erica

  7. Wow. A very nice thought Dr.Erica. We all encounter accidents, ans being thankful for keeping us alive is a humble thing to do. Some of us may encounter a minor accident, but still cursing to death not knowing that they are still lucky it was only a minor one. Sorry about your ankle by the way, I hope you have or had? a speedy recovery.

    • Marissa,

      Thanks for sharing. We truly do need to get used to feeling grateful for what we DO have instead of upset about what we DON’T have. The more grateful I feel, the more abundance comes to me. Remember the saying, “It never rains but it pours.” When we are grateful for what we have, even in the midst of pain and suffering, we open the doorway to our good coming to us. When we dwell on the pain and suffering, it brings us spiraling down into negative thoughts.


      Dr. Erica

  8. This is my time on your blog, Dr Erica and what a way to meet you — through your broken ankle. This is great story about self-love and letting go. Indeed, love is a great healer. It’s the biggest healer there is.

    I can vouch for the power of love. I have seen the effects of love that its presence and absence have wrought in my life and in those of others close to me. If my heart’s full of love, pain gives way to joy and grace. And we can expect the best outcomes no matter what happens to us. Knowing this allows one to let go.

    • Srinivas,

      Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Luckily (you see I feel lucky) I did not break the bone; I tore 2 ligaments. I went to play tennis when I didn’t really want to. I should have followed my intuition and said “No.” The hard cast was removed and I am now wearing a removable boot – clumsy but it can be taken off. I actually went into the jacuzzi, sauna and steam at my health club. Small pleasures can mean so much.


      Dr. Erica

  9. Dr Erica, I am so sorry to hear about your injury but the positive attitude you have about it will help you to have a speedy and successful healing! Let Go and Let Love has been a affirmation I have used alot since I first heard it at Agape. It has really helped me whenever I had to face difficult challenges and it keeps me focused on the positive power of love. Thanks for sharing your insights and I hope you heal quickly!!

    • Shelley,

      Thanks for your heartfelt concern. I wore a cast for 2 weeks and then a big clumsy boot. But after a few more days, the healing is happening rapidly so I am now wearing a very small ankle support.

      Healing love relationships works the same way. It can start with a huge blowout or a catastrophic breakup. But gradually the communcation can improve, the healing process begins, and you can recereate the love and passion again.


      Dr. Erica

  10. Hi DR Erica

    Thanks for this good post.

    Well if you are over load with love then negative things that mite happen to you will be a real miner and it will not get you of track.

    They do not stand together so the strongest one will always over rule the other one.

    Thanks a gain

    • Theuns,

      What a good way of putting it. The strongest emotion will always rule over the other. So feeling the gratitude, your specialty, and love, will bring more to feel grateful for and more love.


      Dr. Erica

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