Marriage and Divorce Stats Around the World

Although the focus and intention of my life’s work is to remind people every day about the power of love, intention, communication, forgiveness, and all the good stuff that helps people to fall in love and creating lasting loving relationships.  But life often interferes and factors, often beyond our control, may cause our relationship to be fraught with tension, anger, hostility, even rage.  Some cultures more easily allow dissatisfied couples to split up.  This infographic shows Marriage and Divorce statistics, but it does not reveal the level of intimacy, loving interactions and joy of those who do remain married or of those who remain single and choose not to marry. 


Marriage and Divorce Stats Infographic

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Dr. Erica Goodstone





28 thoughts on “Marriage and Divorce Stats Around the World

  1. Interesting.. would be interesting to see statistics on couples who are still married but are not intimate, or unhappy but stay married. I think the couple that stays happily married way into their Golden Years is a wonderful thing to see. Wish there was more news about them…

    • Lesly,

      I stopped at Panera Bread a few months ago and had a brief encounter with an older Irish man. He pointed to an old lady at a booth and said something to the effect “That’s the love of my life. We met in school.” I wish I had just videotaped him then and there. I think the next time something like that happens, I will.


      Dr. Erica

  2. Hi Dr. Erica. It is amazing to see all of the different divorce rates around the world. My biggest wonder is are the rates lower in those top 5 countries because they are happier within marriage or is it more shunned upon in that country?

    • Kyle,

      It could be a little of both. If the norm in a country is to not divorce, people will try to find a way to be happier in their marriage. And, if they are happier, they are less likely to seek divorce.
      Dr. Erica

  3. Thanks for sharing interesting information. I wonder how many people are resident in the countries they marry – maybe why some countries have high rates.

  4. Those are interesting statistics. I wonder if most of those who stays married is because they are really happy with their marriage or is it because divorce is something frowned upon in their country/religion? Either way, I am hoping to be in the ranks of those who are happily married for a long, long time 🙂

  5. Dr. Erica I found this something to be thankful for with my 19 year marriage still alive. There are others you did not show, Christians such as myself has not been represented?

    Most people leave us out of their evaluations and I never can figure out why?

    Love to understand why people get divorced yet still remain in each other’s lives and are intimate even after they have no reason to be. There are no children involved.

    These details are strong on the surface yet needs more data that will complete it. I would love to see the results to include my religion and also those who are still intimate that were once married. Most will tell you that their relationship without being married is better than when they were. I understood there was no feeling of being responsible to make it work under symbolic marriage.

    Thanks Dr. Erica and will love to get your replies to my unsure questions.

    • William,

      Christians ARE represented in this survey, just broken down into specific sects, such as Baptist, Episcopal, Pentacostal, Methodist, Lutheran. If you don’t identify with one of those sects, I guess you are not represented.

      People often marry out of need and lust and then they get married and have all this responsbility as well as feeling trapped and thinking the grass is greener outside. But then they divorce and start missing the good qualities and also the sensual part of the relationship. Also, divorce is an emotionally wrenching situation so people often feel a momentary sense of being okay when they return to the arms of their former spouse.

      I’m not sure that most divorcees will tell you their relationship was better before marriage. Often the problems appeared right from the start but they overlooked it and married anyway.


      Dr. Erica

  6. Interesting stats, Erica. I went off to investigate Australian rates of divorce.

    Almost a third of marriages end in divorce over here. Then there are couples who do not marry. The rate of ending of relationships for cohabiting couples with children is almost double that of married with children.

    Nearly 80% of married couples now live together before marriage. I wonder if that will have any impact on future divorce rates?

    • Sue,

      Couples who do not marry and have children together have not begun with that commitment, so it is not surprising that they would split up more often. Living together before marriage does help to work out some problems before making the commitment but so many couples still feel different after the legal commitment. Life brings many unexpected twists and turns so we can’t predict what will happen in relationships, regardless of whether they lived together initially or not. Many live together out of financial convenience rather than romantic reasons.


      Dr. Erica

  7. These facts alone are interesting but would be more interesting with further data. I have read that most Hindu “arranged” marriages last without divorce. (And none of them live together first)

    I am reminded of an article I read many years ago about a happily married couple who in their tenth year of marriage were going to get divorced. But instead, they moved into two separate houses that were next door to each other. That saved the marriage. Maybe they were on to something!

    • Mary,

      One thing about Hindu marriages that are arranged is that both families choose a suitable partner with like-minded thinking and beliefs. They are both innocent before marriage and feel the excitement and learn together. There is also great family support throughout the process.

      As far as that couple living in separate houses, that works for some people who really need their own space, but many others could not handle that. And there are many couples who are truly happy being together.


      Dr. Erica


      Dr. Erica

  8. What interesting Statistics Erica!

    I just had to laugh at the grounds of divorce in Kansas! If I knew that, I would have moved there with my last two marriages and be mean to my mother-in-law he he. That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

    It is also interesting to see the stats of different religions and their divorce rates.

    Thanks for sharing this interesting Infographic.


    • Donna,

      Just because it is in the law books, does not mean you would actually have had an easy time divorcing just by meaning mean to your mother-in-law. There are always loopholes. We have many strange laws that remain on the books because no politicians want to deal with those issues to change them.


      Dr. Erica

  9. It wasn’t surprising to learn that we have a high divorce rate in the US but the others up there with us… no European countries – but Russia and Ukraine

    Also makes you wonder why Canadians are more successful at holding a marriage together than we in the US are?

    • Marty,
      In the U.S. we have so much media providing false information on what will truly make us happy.
      So many are chasing an elusive dream instead of finding a way to appreciate the very real people
      right in front of them.
      Dr. Erica

  10. Interesting stats! Amazing that the former Soviet states and the USA have such high divorce rates. And that in the Phillipians only Muslims are allowed to divorce.

    Although we have the no fault divorce laws here, they can still be contested by an unwilling partner to draw out the divorce process.

    • Sarah,

      The problem with marriage is the legality. It is essential to provide for children and non-working spouses, but it does often create big problems when one partner wants to leave and the other does not want that to happen.


      Dr. Erica

  11. I wasn’t surprised to see the US up there… I’ve gone through divorce, my dad did twice, my grandpa did, and my one uncle went through it 3 times.

    Honestly, when I entered into marriage, I thought it was going to be for a long time. However, I’m not complaining… I get along with my ex and our son is happy. I’m sure the stats on happy children of divorces parents are not that high considering my own experience and seeing others too.

    • Nile,

      Stats are interesting but they often miss the details. There are many people who married the love of their life and have grown even fonder over the years. Some children thrive after divorce because they feel really loved by one or both parents. The stories and effects are as varied as the people involved.


      Dr. Erica

  12. Fascinating statistics, Dr. Erica. I’m always tempted to draw conclusions from raw statistics like these (even though I know that’s statistically unreliable!)

    For example, it’s easy to imagine that the reason for the low divorce rate in Georgia is the low marriage rate. Sounds logical though, doesn’t it?


  13. My parents were divorced for over 35 years and each married two other times in between. Now they have reconciled and are re-married to each other again, making this marriage #4 for each of them. I should write a blog post… or maybe a book about that! 🙂

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