One Moment in Time

Have you ever experienced a precious moment, or series of moments, when you felt pure and sweet love for another person – a moment captured in your memory but gone from sight forever?  Several years ago I wrote a poignant poem about a love of years gone by, someone who filled my heart with joy and helped me to live in the moment.  When we were together there was no past and no future, only the present moment. His face lit up when I came into view and I could sit quietly in his presence, just waiting and feeling totally content.


One of my current goals is to go through all my file boxes, containing years of notes from seminars I have attended and created, unfinished manuscripts, incomplete teachings and so much more.  And that’s when I found this poem I had written a long, long time ago.


Please let this poem remind you about the joy of love and the meaning of life.  Every relationship is precious.  Find those special moments that bring a smile to your face and a warm feeling in your body.  Love the one you are with.


One Moment in Time

One moment in time
Captured forever
In my mind’s memory 

I close my eyes and see you
In all your vibrant humanity
Becoming to me 

Your semi-smile
Soothes my saddened eyes
And brings a silent pucker to my lips

 Your voice calls out my name
I turn my head and there you are
Standing tall in my imagination

 I see that forlorn hopeless look
I’ve seen so many times before
And send you all the love my heart can muster 

You are there and I am here
But you are here and I am there
We are together forever in memory 

Copyright © 2/25/03 Erica Goodstone, Ph.D.


Let me help you find those loving memories or create new ones now.

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Dr. Erica Goodstone



36 thoughts on “One Moment in Time

  1. Hi Erica,

    I just wanted to thank you in some small way for sharing this poem with me and reminding me that even though my husband is gone, his love and spirit are with me always.

    You have written a beautiful poem and so special to share it with others.

    Have a great day. Monna

  2. Oh! What a great poem and message! There are many moments that I wish I could capture again, the ones that took your breath away. Having lost so many so precious to me, I long for those times back again.
    Thanks for a great writing and sharing!

    • Willena,

      Isn’t this internet an amazing phenomenon? I feel so blessed to have met people like you as we share our stories and knowledge in our blogs and in live events over the years.



  3. Ho WOW !!! this is a loving attitude You get me all emotional with this post….This is good, because today I spent my day on a learning mode and I decide to visit all my friends Blogger from the power blogger tribe and here I’m stare at this post feeling relax and refresh…
    Thanks for sharing this and thank to Monna for the poem…and like you mention the beautiful background

  4. Thank you for sharing these special moments and truths, as this is truly beautiful and heart warming/heart opening. The more people become aware that this kind of love is possible, the more relationships will improve and evolve. <3 Cal

  5. How lovely of you to share Erica’s wonderful poem, Monna, and to display it in such an attractive way.

    Thank you for encouraging me to think of precious moments with special people in my life who have now passed away. It is so easy to feel sadness rather than remember how lucky we were to have them in our lives.

    • Sue,

      The beauty of life is to remember those special moments and feel how lucky we were to have them. Life is filled with moments, some wonderful and some that we would rather forget. And that is part of the wonder of life. Nothing lasts, the good, the pain, the ups, the downs. The true key is to appreciate whatever it is that we do have.


      Dr. Erica

  6. Yes, I can relate to moments such as those described in the post. I am always on the hunt for capturing sweet moments in time. Along with striving to be present in each moment rather than living in the past or present.

  7. Dr. Erica,

    Your sharing this poem, has moved me in many ways. I felt this type of love, and never have been able to move forward. This, has made my understanding, clear and no vivid.

    More times, than once. Had I been faced with this vision, of being lost. That is how I felt, before reading over and over again, this poem. It has come to life, within me.

    I feel released from quilt and frustration. Your words, have freed me from a world of tough times, ahead. Just, this one kind act. You have given me, more understanding to move forward. Yet, remembering from time to time, is OK. Allow others to touch my heart, and serve them, when it needed. Live my life, and be joyous. This will help in the healing area. Also, reflect the power of unyielding love. That is for the one, who is still loved. Just not, physically around.

    Dr. Erica, you are truly, one of a kind. Thank you…

    • William,

      Many of us have found love at an earlier point in our life, a love that is no longer with us for any number of reasons. We can feel the joy that we felt way back then, even if we never physically connect with that person again. Life has so much beauty and joy, yet it is also filled with sorrow and pain and loss. All of it is just moments in time.
      Dr. Erica

  8. Hi Dr. Erica,
    what beautiful poem on such a soothing background.

    Yes, relationships are in a way ‘forever’, we will somehow always be connected, just the form of it has changed.

    Being able to feel about our past ‘involvements’ the way you express through you poem means we have done the work that allowed the healing.

    Thank you for your insights!
    Love and Light

  9. Hi Erica,
    Lovely poem.. moments are so precious.. so fleeting .. you want to hold on to them as long as possible…. This is why I write my son letters .. I started when he was 2. Something for him to remember about his life …

    • Lesly,

      Wow! Writing letters to your son from the time he was 2 years old. Those moments go by and are so easily forgotten. What a gift for him. Have you given him these letters or are they saved for when you are no longer here?



  10. What a lovely poem and thoughtful article Dr Erica

    Thanks Monna for mounting that poem is such a beautiful way.

    It provided a moment of thoughtful joy and pleasure as I thought of all those who are no longer here in this time and place but love me still and for whom I feel nothing but pure love.

    Thanks for the tears of pure love

    To Great Success


    • Mary,

      Thank you for your caring comments about this poem and the lovely moving background.
      I haven’t looked at this page for quite some time and it felt really good to be reminded,
      once again, about the joys I have felt in precious moments just like the one I captured
      in the poem.

      Dr. Erica

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