One Moment in Time


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Have you ever experienced a precious moment, or series of moments, when you felt pure and sweet love for another person – a moment captured in your memory but gone from sight forever?  Several years ago I wrote a poignant poem about a love of years gone by, someone who filled my heart with joy and helped me to live in the moment.  When we were together there was no past and no future, only the present moment. His face lit up when I came into view and I could sit quietly in his presence, just waiting and feeling totally content.


One of my current goals is to go through all my file boxes, containing years of notes from seminars I have attended and created, unfinished manuscripts, incompletel teachings and so much more.  And that’s when I found this moment I had written a long, long time ago.  I sent this poem to my dear friend, Monna Ellithorpe, as a reminder to her about that essence of love that will always remain with us even after the live human being is gone.


And here is what she created for me.  Enjoy the beautiful background and please let this poem remind you about the joy of love and the meaning of life.  Every relationship is precious.  Find those special moments that bring a smile to your face and a warm feeling in your body.  Love the one you are with.


One Moment in Time


Let me help you find those loving memories or create new ones now.

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Dr. Erica Goodstone

Spiritual Relationship Healing Expert helping men and women heal their bodies and their relationships through love. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Licensed Marriage Counselor, Dr. Erica has presented her comprehensive relationship healing programs throughout the U.S. and Canada over several decades.With her books and online courses, she has helped literally 1000's of men and women to heal through learning how to love. Dr. Erica believes "Where There is Love There IS a Way". When you love, accept, listen and pay attention to your body, trust your own sense of what you truly desire, and strive to understand, appreciate and really know the other people in your life, anything and everything is possible.

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