Oxytocin Hormone Helps You Connect, Cuddle and So Much More

How High is YOUR Oxytocin Level?

Oxytocin the Cuddle HormoneReady to Build YOUR Oxytocin Level?

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Dr. Erica Goodstone

6 thoughts on “Oxytocin Hormone Helps You Connect, Cuddle and So Much More

  1. Hello Dr Erika! I have never heard this word “Oxytocin” ever before and had to come to see what this was all about! Also I for one do love to snuggle LOL So of course your title did catch my attention! What an interesting infographic, So I guess now I know Oxytocin is a bonding hormone so to say. thanks for sharing, Chery :))

  2. I never thought that our human body has its own chemistry which governs us to respond on a certain stimulus. All thanks to oxytocin, I’m able to value the people around me. I wonder, is oxytocin the main ingredient in making love potions? ahaha.. just kidding! Thanks for sharing this wonderful infographic! =D

  3. Erica,

    I first heard about oxytocin when I was debating on breastfeeding. It was one of the factors that influenced me to do so. I have since forgotten all of those benefits and going to bookmark this post as a reminder to read up on it again.


    • Rachel,

      That must have been an interesting debate. Would love to have heard your position and the outcome of the debate. Oxytocin is an important hormone to create the type of bonding that help a love relationship to endure.


      Dr. Erica

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