Relationships – Are You Willing to Give 100%?

Relationships are all about give and take, give and receive, give and expect something in return?  Right?  WRONG!  Believe it or not, even though we call it a relationship, it is more about how much YOU are willing to give.  How much are YOU willing to give WITHOUT GUARANTEE OF ANY RETURN?

The relationships I am talking about are not only our most intimate relationships but every relationship we are involved with.  For example, your relationship with your boss.  Are you willing to do whatever the job calls for and more, without guarantee of recognition, recompense or even acknowledgement?  Are you willing to love and acknowledge and appreciate your friend, your child, your parent, your partner or your spouse – NO MATTER WHAT – no matter how angry, sad, self-centered, unfair, difficult or demanding they are?

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43 thoughts on “Relationships – Are You Willing to Give 100%?

  1. Erica –

    I’ve always heard — and tried to live by the rule — that relationships are not 50/50 ventures, but 100% both ways. I agree that we must do our part in giving 100% with no expectation of return. However, there sometimes comes a point where giving that 100% becomes a burden, or the other person begins taking advantage of the relationship — at which point it ceases to be healthy for either involved. Your thoughts?

  2. I would say that is certainly a wonderful place to start – giving 100% to your spouse, the one you love. I guess the goal is to give 100% wherever you feel the passion. We could not possibly give 100% everywhere or we would be totally drained in no time. We do need some nurturing and personal replenishment.

  3. It seems like an oxymoron to give and then it will come back to you, but you are so right. I’ve done it and seen the benefit. It might not come back quickly, but when you need it, it seems to appear. Giving without intention is a powerful gesture, but sure feels good to see how it affects the other person.


  4. I am the type of person that DOES give 100% into my relationships, especially with my boyfriend and close friends. I have tried to expect nothing in return, but it ends with me being walked over. If I am nice to someone and there for them when they are not there for me, why would they change their actions?

    • Christine,
      Giving 100% does not mean we have to be a doormat. It really means we are in the relationship fully and totally willing to give. But we also need to confront our partner when he or she is not holding up their share of the giving. Sometimes the biggest gift we can give is to love our own self 100%. I guess there is a big paradox here. It is essential to be willing and to actually give 100% but it is also essential to be able and willing to walk away at any moment, to not be attached, to not give with the intention and expectation of a desired result.

    • David,

      It depends how long you are willing to spend giving 100%. Sometimes it takes awhile before the other person is ready to respond fully. But often, if you let go of those who won’t participate fully (in business, in love relationships, in life), then you have made room to connect with those who will participate fully.


      Dr. Erica

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