Relationships are all about give and take, give and receive, give and expect something in return?  Right?  WRONG!  Believe it or not, even though we call it a relationship, it is more about how much YOU are willing to give.  How much are YOU willing to give WITHOUT GUARANTEE OF ANY RETURN?

The relationships I am talking about are not only our most intimate relationships but every relationship we are involved with.  For example, your relationship with your boss.  Are you willing to do whatever the job calls for and more, without guarantee of recognition, recompense or even acknowledgement?  Are you willing to love and acknowledge and appreciate your friend, your child, your parent, your partner or your spouse – NO MATTER WHAT – no matter how angry, sad, self-centered, unfair, difficult or demanding they are?

Watch this new movie from Simple  Practice the 100-0 RULE for a full 30 days and see what happens.  Imagine living that way, day in and day out, taking full responsibility for every one of your interactions with every single relationship?  Please watch this simple movie and share your comments below.

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