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Are you or someone you know struggling with dating, finding men who seem to be “the one” and then disappoint you within a few weeks or months? Maybe you have been blindly opening your heart and believing that the other person feels the same way. Maybe you just don’t know what to look for, what to expect and what to walk away from.

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Love in the Blizzard of Life – Day 8 – COMMITMENT

Love in the Blizzard of Life

COMMITMENT may be the most powerful aspect of building a lasting and successful relationship – with your intimate partner, with your business partner, and even with your own self.   But this is a quality that cannot be taken lightly.  If you make a COMMITMENT too soon, before you have established all the preceding qualities and before you feel emotionally ready,  all those wonderful qualities and attributes that you have developed will gradually erode.

Your INCENTIVE and INTENTION may be aligned.  You may often stay in the PRESENT MOMENT.  Your DRIVE and energy may be strong, you may be  the designer and ARCHITECT of your relationship, you may have learned how to SURRENDER,  and you may have  lots of PATIENCE.  There are many relationships that do include most of these qualities yet without the foundation of a real commitment, in the long run the other qualities will be eroded.

Today’s question is:  Are you ready, willing and able to make a COMMITMENT to this relationship to yourself or to another?

COMMITMENT involves doing what it takes no matter how you might feel in the current moment.  For example, you have made a commitment to study for a licensing exam and your friend invites you to a party.  Do you study or do you change your mind and just go have fun?  You’ve made a commitment to love and be faithful to one person.  And then somebody attractive flirts with you.  Do you allow the flirtation to build so that you cross the line or do you honor your commitment in the moment when you feel emotionally tempted?

  • Can I guarantee to myself and to others that I will stick to this agreement?
  • Do I pledge to keep my word and remain dedicated and devoted regardless of the momentary temptations?
  • Will I remain loyal, steadfast and faithful when difficulties arise and it might feel better to stray from my promise?

Ask yourself NOW:  Am I willing to make a solid commitment now to preserve the wonder and joy of this relationship even when my needs and expectations are temporarily not being satisfied?

COMMITMENT requires emotional strength and robust willpower to remain in place during challenges, frustrations and roadblocks.



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