Stop the dating cycle and finally get a commitment

Are you or someone you know struggling with dating, finding men who seem to be “the one” and then disappoint you within a few weeks or months? Maybe you have been blindly opening your heart and believing that the other person feels the same way. Maybe you just don’t know what to look for, what to expect and what to walk away from.

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Are You Dating Your Clients?

The Dating Game

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Are you dating your clients, prospective clients, friends, family members and lovers?  Well you may not call it dating, but you can certainly benefit by approaching ALL relationships the way an experienced dater might approach new acquaintances.  Ask yourself the following questions and be as truthful as you can be.


  • meet a new person and immediately tell them about the wonderful product, service or personal qualities you have to offer?
  • see every person you meet as a prospective buyer of your product and services or a potential lover or long term relationship?
  • assume that what you have to offer is so great that the other person needs it even if you have to do a lot of convincing?
  • make sure you have told other people everything you feel they need to hear even if you haven’t listened and learned about them?
  • gently or aggressively criticize or intimidate another person for not realizing they need to change something or do what you say?

In other words, are you verbally spamming people?  Do you expect others to instantly recognize your value, eagerly buy your products or services, and willingly develop an ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship with you?  Marketing statistics reveal that people need to see a product, service or advertisement between 7 and 12 times before they are ready to get involved and make a purchase.  That same phenomenon works in building relationships, creating lasting love, filling a seminar, and getting rich.

Study the art of dating and apply it regularly to every relationship in your life, even with your long term intimate partner and close family members.

  • Be aware of your own appearance and be well groomed
  • Make plans and keep them.  Know where you are going and have some idea of how long it will take
  • Make sure the other person has agreed in advance to the plans and adjust as necessary
  • Greet the other person with pleasant and if possible, complimentary words
  • Be aware of your own and the other person’s facial and body expressions
  • Ask questions, listen, be genuinely interested and build rapport without pressure and expectation and without taking it personally
  • Engage in conversation, not monologue, realizing that building rapport requires give and take, talking and listening
  • Respect the other person as if he or she is a well known celebrity
  • Develop patience.  People require hearing or seeing something at least 7 -12 times before being willing to do something different or hear something differently or get involved in a new opportunity.  Some people will respond quickly.  Others may take much longer.  Learn to let go of your own preconceived ideas and expectations.  Relax and share and be open to discovery

Are you ready to start dating your clients, prospective clients, friends, family members and lovers?

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