Overcoming Adversity – What’s Love Got To Do With It?

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Today was an auspicious day for me. A client shared with me some thoughts about life, about how we are all connected and all part of the universe and the Kingdom of God.  I was thinking about how we create our reality and bring about our good fortune by the way we respond and naturally affect the responses of others.

Feeling such a powerful sense of love and peace and contentment, I responded:

“We are all basically seeking to return to the realization of who we are, a magnificent manifestation of God’s creation.”

Then I thought about what I had said and I added:  “It certainly doesn’t feel that way, often, when we are confronted with the current appearances, in the form of people, activities, events and circumstances.  If we keep remembering who we are, it is amazing how these appearances start to change or we see them for what they are and are no longer perturbed by them.”


After thinking a bit more, I wrote:  “The goal of life is to accept and love your self and to allow others to be themselves.  You share with them what you like and don’t like without expecting them to change anything to please you or because you think they need to change something.  Nobody wants to change.  Everybody wants to be accepted, understood, loved and acknowledged for just being themselves.”

I felt really good about what I was thinking and sharing about my expanded understanding and my awareness of life.  And then — I got a phone call that temporarily shattered my illusion that I had it all together.   An Employee Assistance Program contacted me to ask if I was available to respond to a “Critical Incident.”  A person wielding a gun had come to this office, not once but a second time to get money.  Nobody had been physically harmed but they were certainly visibly shaken and traumatized. And the thief managed to escape a second time without being caught.

I wondered what I could say to people who feared for their safety and feared the worst about possibly being brutally harmed or even killed?  My first goal was to listen attentively with compassion, tenderness and total presence.  I learned that this was a tight-knit office, that they all worked well together, felt secure in their jobs and enjoyed coming to work.  They had just begun to relax again from their reactions to the first incident and then it happened all over again.

So my next goal was to remind them that safety is actually an illusion.  None of us has total control over what might happen.  I told them that I had lived in New York City, not far from the Empire State Building. I explained that since I return to NY often, I could easily have been one of the people who happened to walk by last week when a gunmen started shooting and people got wounded by stray police bullets.  Then I talked about Colorado, where I had just recently attended a conference not too far from Aurora, and I explained that “there but for the Grace of God” I might have been one of those people who chose to go to that movie on that night when a guy dressed up like the Joker devaastated the audience with bullets.

Next, I asked them to share what they were grateful for in their lives.  I encouraged them to talk about what they appreciate in their life, to sit quietly, breathe deeply and pray, to write their thoughts and feelings in a notebook or journal, and to focus on all that they are truly grateful for.  I even suggested that they keep a neutral mind in thinking about the perpetrator, to realize that this person would not act in this way if he felt loved, loving and worthwhile.

Many of us have learned the principles of higher consciousness.  I see it expressed continually on my social media sites.  But how many of us are able to access that higher level of knowing and being when we are confronted with adversity, trauma, betrayal, physical or emotional pain and suffering?  This is when it is most important to access the love that is within us and all around.  Each of us is a fountain of love if we are willing to share from our heart.

If I have shared my love by helping only one person to overcome adversity, have a renewed sense of loving life and feeling safe today, then I believe I have done something magnificent for the day.

Please leave a comment and share the small and magnificent things you have done with love today.

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Let Go and Let Love

Love, a simple 4 letter word, has the power to dissolve problems, dissipate conflict and deliver happiness and joy.  Do you know what it would be like for you to “let go and let love”?  My colleague and friend, John Gaydon, used those words in a comment about my previous blog post.  I kept repeating those words to let them sink into my subconscious.

I love my body

My Ankle is Lovingly Protected

It was Thursday morning, a warm sunny day in January 2012.   I was playing my favorite sport, tennis, after a 9 month hiatus due to injuries.  And then, in a second, the tennis was over.  I stepped on a stray tennis ball (from the other court on which the pro was teaching a group clinic).  Totally out of control, I saw my left ankle bend completely sideways and then I heard a LOUD crack.  Nobody else heard the crack and when I sat down and removed my sneaker and sock, my foot looked okay.  It was not swollen and nothing appeared out of the ordinary.  My friend actually suggested I just walk it off and continue playing.

But I love my body too much to take a chance like that.  Luckily I had an ace bandage with me to wrap around the injured ankle.  A tennis pro saw me and found a frozen bag of peas for me to use as an ice bag temporarily.  I was able to drive so I chose to drive to my health club, sit in the jacuzzi, sauna and steam, stay calm, shower, and then call the doctor.  Luckily, he was available and I drove to his office, one hour away from my home.  The x rays revealed 2 torn ligaments and the best treatment was to put my left leg in a cast.  I chose the color purple which made me smile.  In fact, I continued smiling all the way home.

I chose to look at all the ways in which luck prevailed.  I was lucky that I was able to drive.  I was lucky that I could relax and shower at the health club.  I was lucky the doctor was available and could examine my ankle.  I was lucky to have a cast that would protect my ankle and enable it to heal naturally.  I was lucky that a few friends called and sounded truly concerned.  And I was lucky that I could attend a powerful event, You Can Succeed, the following.

Love prevailed.  I love my life.  I love my body.  What made me most happy is that an injury occurred but it was handled swiftly and in the most appropriate manner to insure speedy recovery.

  • Are YOU happy and in love with your life, your health, your finances and your relationships?
  • Are you holding on to something or someone familiar when you know you desire something else?
  • What would it be like for you to follow your passion no matter what?
  • Would you be able to let go of your present comforts and let love lead the way for you?

So I know I cannot play tennis for at least 6 weeks.  Yet I know that tennis will be there when my ankle heals and I believe it will be even stronger than before because I will be putting concentrated effort into exercising it properly.  And now I can focus more fully on launching my Complete Relationship System which is scheduled to launch in just a few short weeks.

Please listen to a very special interview I had with David Riklan, founder of the very popular community site SelfGrowth.com about what is included in my Complete Relationship System.

Remember to let go and let love.

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