Love in the Blizzard of Life – Day 12 – DESIRE

Love in the Blizzard of Life

DESIRE is such a powerful, and often underestimate, force that can literally stimulate, transform or destroy a relationship.  If you make a decision to lose weight but you don’t really have a strong DESIRE, guess what?  You will probably not be able to lose it and if you do, it will probably only be temporary.  But if your DESIRE to win the heart of that person you are yearning for, you will find a way to lose that weight.  So, if your DESIRE to create a romantic, passionate and loving relationship is that strong you will find a way to make it so.

You may have INCENTIVE, INTENTION,  PRESENT MOMENT awareness, DRIVE, your inner ARCHITECT ability to SURRENDER,  PATIENCE, COMMITMENT, TRUST, DISCERNMENT and PASSION.  But do you have a strong enough DESIRE to withstand life’s ups and down and daily interpersonal stresses?

Today’s question is:  Does your level of DESIRE leave you up at night craving, dreaming about and longing to meet someone special or to create your ideal relationship with someone you already know?


  • Do you wish you had a magic wand that you could wave at someone to make them fall in love with you?
  • Do you need someone or something so much that your mind is filled with longing that cannot be fulfilled anywhere else?
  • Are you willing to ask and request, beg and plead, implore and insist that you require this person or thing to enjoy your life?

Ask yourself NOW: Is my DESIRE so strong and intense that I am willing to do anything, get down on my knees to beg if that was required, because I feel that I need this relationship or thing to be successful in my life?

DESIRE has been the impetus and quality used by inventors, artists, business people, parents and lovers to successfully create their dream.  And – DESIRE has been the downfall, the demise of people who will step outside their integrity and morals to attain the object of their desires.

Relationships are built upon the complexity and interactions among all the different possible qualities, both positive and negative, that we can bring.  Every quality is important, to some degree.  It is really the balance among all the different possibilities that can lead to joy and happiness or sadness and emotional devastation.


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