A session with Dr. Erica makes me feel half my age and totally comfortable in my skin.  When I walk away from her office, my body moves with more ease and flexibility.  Regardless of the pressing problems I bring to my session, I always leave feeling the weight of my world temporarily lifted from my shoulders.

Lee Gerstad, Poet, Author, Rubenfeld Synergist

I came across Dr. Goodstone through a seeming string of coincidences…looking back, they seem more like synchronicities. Dr. Goodstone was a Godsend to me. I was desperately searching for a therapist who incorporated spirituality and holistic methods into his/her healing approach. In my search, I realized this was a relatively rare phenomenon. I was grateful that Dr. Goodstone incorporated all of the above backed by extensive training, credentials and experience.

At the time I was seeing Dr. Goodstone, I was going through a difficult relationship termination. The emotional effects of the relationship and previous life occurences had translated into tension in different parts of my body as well as my posture. Through Dr. Goodstone’s use of the powerful Rubenfeld-Synergy method, she initiated the healing process for my physical body in conjunction with my mind and spirit.  After the completion of our 10-12 sessions, I emerged as a spiritually transformed individual…even more beautiful, graceful, empowered, mature than I was at any time prior to the relationship.

Moreover, I feel very grateful that Dr. Goodstone played a key role in transforming my anger, pain, and hurt towards my partner to forgiveness and gratitude. Equipped with these higher virtues, I felt liberated and able to allocate my energy to creative endeavors, meaningful relationships, and exciting dreams. Dr. Goodstone’s gentle, humble, nonjudgmental approach coupled with spiritual/psychological expertise as well as years of experience make her an extraordinarily and uniquely effective therapist .

Local Psychiatrist, Deerfield Beach, Florida

Dr. Goodstone has contributed her time, services, and expertise on the mind-body connection to several national organizations… She is a dedicated, caring professional who is continually reading her newsletters and journals and taking refresher courses to maintain her skills and keep current in the field. In several opportunities, we exchanged sessions of bodywork as our somatic approches are compatible. In those occasions, I always felt cared, even though it was a professional exchange, and left with a sense of well-being.

Cappi Lang Comba, Ph.D., LPC.
Associate Faculty, Counseling Psychology, Prescott College, AZ

I am pleased that I had to turn this assignment for my “Issues in Mental Health” class, otherwise I would never come across you and your inspiring work. It has been such a pleasure to speak to you and get your feedback on this field of work. I was truly fascinated by some of the information you gave me regarding the type of therapy you are using, as well as your use of The Rubenfeld Synergy Method to help your clients.

All my life I believed that we have to try and keep good energies in our bodies and cleanse away all bad energies. Listening to you and understanding your perspective just put everything in place for me.

Mind-Body therapy and the understanding of energy are emerging more and more into society. Your philosophy and the message you are bringing out to this world can surely make people’s life better than what they are, as you said.

Thank you very much Dr. Goodstone for taking your time to share your insights with me and helping me with this assignment. I greatly appreciate your help and words of wisdom.

Luna Medina, Graduate Student, Mental Health/Rehabilitation Counseling Program
Florida Atlantic University