Your Actions Don’t Really Matter, Do They?


IntegrityMattersDo you sometimes think that your actions don’t matter, that perhaps you are just part of a group and you will hardly be noticed.  Yes, sometimes in a very large group – at a conference or large event – you may be able to slip quietly away and not be noticed.  But if you are involved in a small group – a team, a group of co-workers, a gathering of friends or family – your actions and your behavior DO have an effect.

I have a strong work ethic and a very strong sense of personal responsibility and integrity.  However, I continue to discover that many individuals work hard when they see immediate personal gain but easily slack off after the initial excitement and enthusiasm wears off.  When they are excited about a new project or a new group, they will enthusiastically show up for the first session or two.  And then something inevitably happens.  An invitation, a higher than usual workload, a potential date or business prospect, and the former commitment is no longer considered.  In the moment it seems more beneficial to not honor the original agreement because this other event is now a higher priority.  After all, the reasoning goes, I am not the only person in the group so it won’t matter if I miss this one session.


Your Actions Do Matter


But it does matter.  It matters to the person organizing the group.  It matters to the other people who brush aside any conflicting responsibilities to keep their commitment to the group meeting.  And it lowers the interest, enthusiasm and connection you feel with that group.  Bonding occurs through consistent, ongoing connection.  Sporadic meetings, on again then off-again, lead to less trust, less interaction and less group cohesiveness.

How do you lead your life, day by day?  Do you want to have a positive impact on the people you know or do you just assume that people will forgive and forget?  Do you truly believe that you can make a commitment and honor it only if it is easy and does not conflict with any other desirable events or outcomes?  The next time you are about to renege on a promise, an agreement or a commitment, stop and take a moment to reflect on the possible ripple effects upon the other people involved.


Are You Living A Life of Integrity?  


Living a life of integrity is not easy.  It requires strength of character and determination that few people can maintain for very long.  I strongly encourage you to strive to become the person who says what you mean and means what you say, who does what you agree to do and does not do what you have promised not to do.  Greatness is revealed in small, ongoing acts of integrity in the midst of everyday, normal life experiences.


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