Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me

The Path to Physical, Emotional, Sexual and Spiritual Reawakening




Love Me … Please

Book One in the Series

Love Me … Please, the first ebook in this four part series, leads us on a path toward loving … truly loving, from the center of our being.  Love is the ultimate aphrodisiac.  Love is patient, kind, unyielding, enduring and steadfast.  Love overcomes all obstacles.  But what most of us have called love, our human concepts and human attempts at love, with its sense of limited supply, ownership, and “what’s in it for me” attitude, is filled with illusion, self-consciousness, insecurity, doubt and emotional upheaval.  True love, unconditional love, a higher state of love, is limitless, boundless, and the ultimate creative power of the universe.

This book is meant for lovers, people who love, people who want to love, people who have loved, and people who want to love again.  You will not find simplistic answers and easy to follow formulas for creating love.  You will have to look deep into your own consciousness – your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, memories and dreams – to find the love, the fullest love, that you can bring into your life.  And you will be reminded, over and over, to bring that love back to your own self so that you can fully share your loving self with others. 


Touch Me … Please

Book Two in the Series

Touch Me … Please introduces the healing potential of simple touch, from a gentle touch on the shoulder by an acquaintance,  to the warm fuzzy feeling you get when your favorite pet cuddles us to you, or the wondrously tingly sensations of your intimate lover’s touch.

This book is meant for people who touch, people who want to touch, people who want to be touched and people who want to touch again.  You will have to explore your own bodily sensations, needs, cravings, desires and pleasures.  You will also need to examine your personal thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, memories and dreams – to find the healing and loving touch, the most profoundly sensational touch, touch that you can bring into all aspects of your life.  And you will be reminded, over and over, to bring that touch back to your own self so that you can fully share your healing and loving touch with your own self and with others.

This beautiful book is sure to delight you with powerful real-life stories about the transformative power of touch, current research, abundant exercises for self-analysis and partner sharing as well as a full explanation of the wide variety of healing body therapies and healing somatic body psychotherapies.


Heal Me … Please

Book Three in the Series

Healing happens in every moment, in every cell and organ of our body.  Loving, touching, and being touched with love, we heal.  When we heal, our bodies relax and our lives come into balance.  In healing, we discover our own truth, face our inner spirit, and we begin to know our connection to a higher source. In Heal Me … Please we examine the healing process: what we believe about healing, how we have healed our self and others, and how we can create healing in our bodies, our intimate relationships, our sexuality, and our lives.

Through stories of real people’s lives, we explore the life transforming, healing potential of touch and body psychotherapy. These stories are excerpts of actual case histories, therapy sessions, emotional responses, and eventual healing that took place in seminars and private sessions.  Of course, names and identifying personal characteristics have been altered to protect anonymity.  None of my clients will be able to say with certainty, "That's me!"  Yet, as you read these stories, you may recognize something familiar within yourself.  You may even identify with some of these clients' experiences.

We are all voyagers on a life path back to wholeness.  Many of us tend to focus on our problems and the possible causes, recalling in detail the many ways we may have felt wronged.  In this book we turn our focus toward healing our problems, letting them go, and moving toward creating what we truly desire.

Sexual and Spiritual Reawakening

Book Four in the Series

We are all sexual beings.  Sexuality teaches.  Sexuality heals.  Sometimes our sexuality hurts.  When we allow our hearts to feel love and our bodies to feel pleasure, we are sexual.  Being sexual is being alive.  Feeling our sexual aliveness reawakens us to who we are.   By allowing full sexual expression into our life, we cannot help but discover our spiritual nature.

We are all spiritual beings.  Connecting to our spiritual nature and spiritual potential brings us an accepting appreciation of life.  The path of discovering our spiritual connection can be difficult, painful and may reveal to us our deepest, darkest, most unloving personal attributes. 

Our life path is a spiritual path, the process of rediscovering our connection to all that is.  No matter which direction we choose to take, all paths will eventually lead us home.  Every spiritual teaching reminds us of that simple truth.  If we resist knowing this truth and pursue a self-centered and purely material way of life, we may encounter more struggle, more difficulties, and more tests than necessary.  But even if we do pursue a spiritual path, there are still obstacles and difficulties to be overcome.  The difference is that knowing our spiritual essence provides emotional strength and calmness in the face of any stormy life issues, problems and concerns.  Sexual and Spiritual Reawakening is a simple guide to help you live a more fulfilling, life affirming and joyful existence.


Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me

The Path to Physical, Emotional, Sexual and Spiritual Reawakening

The Complete Book

The complete book, comprised of all four books in the series, Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me: The Path to Physical, Emotional, Sexual and Spiritual Reawakening shows us what it takes to love, touch, and heal our own self. As we heal, we develop a renewed passion for life, a deep sense of being connected to something beyond our immediate life circumstances, and an increased desire for intimate loving. Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me is meant to be a coming out party, coming out of hiding, bringing our total self into the light for examination, acceptance, and readiness to share our authentic self intimately with others.

Clients, colleagues and friends have often asked me to recommend a good book about love and relationships or about emotional intimacy and sexual communication.  Others have requested information about ways to heal their body through natural methods, e.g., diet, exercise, body therapy, or even spirituality.  And some have wondered what the best psychological approach might be to overcome fears, anxiety, anger, depression or relationship conflicts. 


Answers to the above questions will be easily obtained as you read through this series of four books.  You will discover that you can find the answers to most of your problems, dilemmas, life issues and concerns through self-evaluation.  As you complete the exercises, you will literally begin to heal your cellular memories, create new brain patterns and remove lifelong blocks to intimate joyful relating.  You can turn to professionals for expert opinions, guidance, support and mentoring, but with this book you will begin to more fully trust your own inner knowing about what is truly best for your growth and healing.

About the Author

Erica Goodstone, Ph.D., LMHC

Hi, and welcome to my web site.  I'm Dr. Erica Goodstone, LMHC, author, lecturer, mentor, seminar leader, psychotherapist and somatic body psychotherapist.

Many years ago, I created this book for people, just like you and me.  My goal was to help you discover new and creative ways to handle and cope with the many physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual concerns, life stressors, and intimate relationship issues in your life.

With over two decades of working directly with thousands of men and women, individually and as couples, I have discovered that we are all not so different and not so unique in our life stresses, coping mechanisms and potential for joy in life.  Whether we choose to realize it or not, every day in every way, we affect and are deeply and profoundly affected by every person with whom we relate - at work, at home, in our spiritual communities, and even while pursuing leisure activities.

Although we are all quite similar in many ways, each of us is born with a unique combination of ablities and talents - and - we have been affected and influenced by our earliest caretakers and myriad experiences that have helped to shape our thoughts, emotions and behavioral responses.  The more we understand about our own style of communication, emotional makeup, and physiological responses, the more easily we can adapt to and alter situations for the benefit of all. 

Every person's life issues are personal and important, requiring sensitivity, attention and skill.  My goal is to help you to recognize and acknowledge your strengths, limitations, and available resources to quickly and easily resolve your most pressing life issues and create pleasure, joy and satisfaction in your daily life.

Our lives and relationships are a work of art in progress. I can help you to create a new perspective on your life and make changes you never thought possible before.  You can own this entire series of books as one complete book or choose first the one book in the series that most suits your current needs - and perhaps you can return to read another one of the books at a later time.



Dr. Goodstone isa knowledgeable, caring, and insightful author and a very responsive professional.

~ A. R. Alan, Author,

A session with Dr. Erica, or even practicing one of the exercises in her book, helps me to feel half my age and totally comfortable in my skin."

~ Lee Gerstad, Poet, Author, Rubenfeld Synergist

You coached us to express our feelings, desires, likes and dislikes, and that is a great start. You also got us started in rebuilding the relationship trust that eroded during the last several months. It is quite clear to both of us that to revitalize our intimate connection with each other, and we need to get re-acquainted with the new ourselves.

~ I. and R., Private Clients, FL

Dr. Erica offers a comprehensive system for reflecting upon and healing all of your relationships, especially the relationship with yourself. Her proprietary processes are used by experts globally.

~ Glenn Dietzel, Business Coach, Author, International Speaker

Dr. Erica is a Relationship Healer with such a quiet, calming and understanding voice and writing style. She has a keen insight into relationships and writes some of the most amazing articles with 20+ books to her credit on Amazon. Dr. Erica continues to reach out to the people who need her help, both online and off line.

Monna Ellithorpe, Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur

Recently, in Miami, I was honored to welcome Dr. Erica as a speaker on a Sex and Relationships Panel, where her warmth and expertise captivated the audience. She is the author of hundreds of articles on,, and, as well as numerous books, including Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me and the romantic novel Love In The Blizzard of Life.

~ Ms. M, Advice Columnist for New York Museum of Sex

Erica is an awesome and compassionate being that truly cares for others and is a master at helping committed couples break through limiting behaviors so they can move forward with love and kindness.

~ Regena Ozeryanski, Investor/Real Estate Educator